Summer Bible Study

Wednesdays, June 6 through August 8 from 7:30pm to 9:00pm

No registration required! Just come in and enjoy the excitement of understanding God's word.

A Quick Journey Through the Bible 8 – Part course is an excellent introduction to the full, 24-week Bible Timeline Study and will provide a basic overview of the 12 narrative periods of Salvation History. The course is designed to give a summary of the ‘Big Picture” of salvation history to help prepare students for a richer and deeper understanding of Scripture. Based on ‘The Great Adventure’s’ narrative approach to Scripture, this study provides an invaluable tool for learning and experiencing Salvation History.

The topics covered in this study of 8 parts includes:
Session #1 - How to read the Bible and an explanation of the materials
Session # 2 - Early World
Session # 3 - Patriarchs
Session # 4 - Egypt and Exodus, and Desert Wandering  
Session # 5 - Conquest and Judges, and Royal Kingdom
Session # 6 - Divided Kingdom, and Exile
Session # 7 - Return and Maccabean Revolt
Session # 8 - Messianic Fulfillment of the Church

For information, please contact Jorge Medina 407-695-3262 or .