The members of the Pastoral Ministries assist the pastor in meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of the Body of Christ. Each member, whether staff or trained stewards (volunteer) is committed to serving with love and integrity demonstrated by the life and ministry of Jesus.
"The church calls each member of Christ's Body - priest, deacon, layperson - to participate in the ministry of consolation: to care for the dying, to pray for the dead, to comfort those who mourn." (Order of Christian Funerals #8)

The Bereavement Ministry at St. Augustine is dedicated to providing compassionate care to its members at the time of the death of a loved one, and to reaching out with assistance, friendship and support during the time of grieving.

Members of the Bereavement Team help to provide immediate care by meeting with the bereaved families to assist with wakes, vigil services and funeral liturgy planning.

If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Deacon Pedro Laboy at 407-580-5236 or email .

“I was sick and you visited me . . .”   (Matthew 25, 36) 
Parishioners in our  church community may become sick and homebound, and unable to come to Mass to receive the Eucharist. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the priests with distribution of the Body of Christ to those who are homebound. The homebound are still an integral part of our parish and are in communion with us, even though they are not physically present at the Eucharist.

Ministers to the Sick offer the Eucharist and the comfort and healing power of the Christ in the Holy Communion. As a volunteer in this ministry, you must complete diocesan training and obtain Safe Environment clearance and fingerprinting through the Diocese of Orlando. Training is also provided by the parish coordinator.

  • If interesting in joining this ministry, please contact Kelvin Berberena at 407-242-8646 or email

PLEASE NOTE: Because of privacy laws, St. Augustine Church is not notified if a parishioner is hospitalized, home bound, or enters a health care facility. We must hear from the parishioner or family member.  

  • If you need a visit of a Minister to the Sick, please contact the Parish Office at 407-695-3262 for arrangements.