Adult Faith Formation

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops describes adult faith formation as an essential process inviting Catholic Christians to integrate their own life experiences with knowledge of the faith, love of God, and love of neighbor. It is a complete initiation into the life of the Church as a way of forming a Christian conscience and a desire to act as Christ’s hands and feet in the world.

The Three Main Goals of Adult Faith Formation
1. Invite and Enable Ongoing Conversion to Jesus in Holiness of Life.
2. Promote and Support Active Membership in the Christian Community. 
3. Call and Prepare Adults to Act as Disciples in Mission to the World. 

Becoming Catholic
Are you new to the Catholic Faith? Are you interested in becoming Catholic? If so, please contact the Adult Faith Formation Coordinator at the Parish Office at 407-695-3262 or email: for information about becoming Catholic and the RCIA process. 

Jorge Medina, Adult Faith Formation Coordinator, 407-695-3262 or  email: .
What is R.C.I.A.?
R.C.I.A. (or simply "RCIA") stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, the process by which an adult person is initiated into the Catholic Church, through Baptism, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion.  Through this process the adult is formed in the Christian faith, with the local parish community serving as both catechists and models.

2018-2019 RCIA Brochure / Schedule

Who is in the R.C.I.A.?
  • Un-baptized adults
  • Adults baptized in non-Trinitarian formula
  • Adults baptized as Catholic, but lack First Holy Communion and Confirmation
  • Adults baptized & confirmed infants in the Catholic Church, but lack First Holy Communion
  • Adults baptized in other Christian Churches, in the Trinitarian formula w/water

SUMMER BIBLE STUDY  (Estudio de la Biblia)
  • A Quick Journey Through the Bible - Wednesdays, June 6 through August 8, 2018, from 7:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Un Rápido Recorrido por la Biblia - Miércoles, 6 de junio hasta el 8 de agosto de 2018, de 6:00pm - 7:30pm